The Leos helped raise money for Support Connection

The Leos made sandwiches and delivered the snacks and clothes to the homeless in New York City.

The Leos made smoothies and deep fried French fries and Oreos.

The Leos inducted their new president and board and presented the funds they raised to local charities and organizations.

The Leos enjoyed great music and sold raffle tickets and refreshments.

The Leos held a pizza party for the patients in the Alzheimer\'s unit at the Seabury Field Home.

The Leos held the Night of Miracles Dance to raise money for the J.I.M.M.Y. Foundation.

The Leos hid thousands of Easter eggs and sold refreshments.

The Leos served breakfast and painted faces.

The Yorktown Leos and Elks hosted a pancake breakfast to raise money for charities that benefit disabled children.

The Leos and the residents of the Seabury Field Home enjoyed live music and refreshments.

The Leos held a Guiding Eyes for the Blind pizza party for the January 2013 graduating class.

The Leos made sandwiches and distributed them to the homeless in NYC.

The Leos participated in the Veteran’s Day Parade. Afterward, they helped cook hot dogs for people who were watching the parade.

The Leos collect donations in bedpans for the HVHC cancer unit.

A fundraiser for the Mohegan Fire Department\'s 9/11 memorial

A concert that raised money for cancer research. <br /> <br />Photos by <a href=\"\">Michelle O\'Dell</a>

A ceremony inducting our new cabinet and board members.

A visit to the Andrus Children\'s home during the holidays. The Leos gave the kids presents.

The Leos had a float in the parade on which they wore costumes and waved to others watching the parade.