We are always looking for new members.

The Yorktown Leos meet every other Sunday night (7PM) at Club Fit, Jefferson Valley.

To find out when the next meeting is, check our calendar. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

You may attend a meeting before becoming a member, but you must pay an initial $10 in dues for a one year membership. These dues help keep our club running. All members get a shirt and a pin with their first year dues.

Joining the Leo Club makes community service easy. Normally, you’d have to call around to many places for community service jobs and you’d be doing work on their schedule. The Leo club emails you and you get to choose what jobs work on your schedule.

LEO stands for leadership experience opportunity.

The Leo club gives members the chance to improve leadership skills, the experience of working with others, and the opportunity to help out the community.

We offer class “A” membership for anyone ages 12-18 and class “B” membership for anyone ages 19-25. Class “B” membership is the same as class “A” membership except class “B” members cannot vote for officers/board members or run for any officer/board position. If you’re over 25 you may still join the Yorktown Lions.