Relay for life

On June 12, twenty-odd Leos gathered at the Jack Devito Memorial Field in town to participate in the annual Relay for Life, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The Leos spent most of the night cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken with the Police Benevolent Association. $2,200 later, the Leos packed it in the for the night, some choosing to sleep in tents, others choosing to stay awake the entire night. Music and festivities followed, and in the morning, the teams were greated with a breakfast from Panera.
The Relay for Life is a worldwide event – you can find one anywhere you go. In Yorktown, the Relay raised around $200,000. Teams sign up and fundraise ahead of time. During the relay, members of the team walk around the track the entire night.
This event is a great way to spend almost 24 hours with friends and neighbors, all for a great cause.
Thank you to all who participated!