Kenya Project

Ms. Lauren Bobay (pictured in the left photo in a green shirt) asked the Yorktown Leo Club for help with an idea she had for a school in Kenya where she was working.

Lauren, a former Leo Club member, explained that the her school ran five days a week, and the students received three meals a day and a uniform from the school.  However, because of the conditions in Kenya, the food and clothing the school gave the students was close to the only food and clothing the children received.  Many students returned to school after the weekend without having eaten much.

Lauren’s idea was to run a Saturday camp where the kids could come back to school, play games, and get another day of food.

She asked her old Leo Club for help.   The Leos responded by getting funding for her project.  The funds paid for crafts, a cook for the day, and food for Lauren’s school in Kenya!